Valuation and Appraisal Days

Valuation and appraisal days preceed auctions. They are a meeting point for the two parties with the common interest - art lovers and owners on the one hand, and Art salon Zagreb who organizes the auction on the other.

We give you the chance to meeet our top experts, get info on art demand both in Croatia and abroad, as well as advice whether to sell now and venture into international art market in order to make a profit, or rather wait for a more favorable moment.

A shared and simple methodology is necessary in order to give useful advice. At Art salon Zagreb, our starting premise is that every object has a certain sentimental, as well as marke value. The two need not neccessarily coincide.

The sentimental value depends on you, while it is our experts' task to determine the market value.


At valuation and appraisal days, our experts will give you in person an unbinding and free evaluation, as well as the categorization of your property:


A Sentimental value

B Internet auctions (under 2 000 €)

C In-house auctions (over 2 000 €)

D Internet or in-house auctions

E Private sale


Consignors from categories B-E can sign a binding seller's contract which stipulates all the details.


Written appraisals can be obtained from our experts at their fees.

We accept high-resolution photographs only in case of large-sized property.

Make your apointment by phone in order to avoid a long wait.

We arrange special valuations and appraisals for extremely valuable objects or for estates.

Our network, international contacts, and top experts guarantee highest sales.